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Since 1984, IAB has been serving the credit community as an Accounts Receivable and Deduction Management service provider. Our services generate cash to reduce your DSO, DDO and improve your bottom line. IAB delivers a revenue stream while providing valuable reporting and analysis to our Clients. Personalized services truly represent our goal of: PARTNERS. SOLUTIONS. RESULTS!

CPG Broker Audit

Download this Case Study

CPG Broker Audit: A Case Study (PDF)

OWP is the leading branded frozen pizza manufacturer in the United States and Canada with revenue of $800 million and multiple distribution channels. They utilize an online marketing, promotion, and budgeting system and employ a single broker charged with the responsibility to research and resolve Deductions.

Business situation

  • OWP wanted to ensure their Finance and Sales policies and procedures were being consistently followed.
  • Because OWP used asset based financing it was imperative that A/R contained no receivables subject to recourse.
  • OWP also wanted to be sure that the Broker was collecting the maximum possible amount of invalid deductions.

Benefits of IAB's Experience

  • Created ‘bulletproof’ documentation of Deals, Promotions, and Sales Agreements, as well as valid ‘bill-back’ spending through the Deduction Clearing process.
  • Cleared Deductions faster while denying all invalid claims. Today it’s all about balances, how to keep your deduction balances low.
  • Following IAB's accounts receivable process review, internal auditors and SOX requirement were satisfied.
  • Created metrics to measure the effectiveness of the various Broker locations through the use of a Broker Scorecard.

Download this Case Study

CPG Broker Audit: A Case Study (PDF)