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Our Strength

Since 1984, IAB has been serving the credit community as an Accounts Receivable and Deduction Management service provider. Our services generate cash to reduce your DSO, DDO and improve your bottom line. IAB delivers a revenue stream while providing valuable reporting and analysis to our Clients. Personalized services truly represent our goal of: PARTNERS. SOLUTIONS. RESULTS!

Breakthrough Results in Deduction Recovery

Our Client

  • Consumer Products Company with $9 Billion in annual sales
  • Broad-based Manufacturer of Heath Care Products
  • Customer Base - Mass merchandisers, Drug and Grocery Retailers

Our Challenge

  • Customer deductions increasing beyond acceptable levels.
  • Increased stockholder pressure to improve profitability.
  • Existing procedures focused on reducing balances & clearing deductions quickly, no effort on deduction recovery
  • Lack of adequate data to identify problem areas
  • Limited resources, unable to address the challenge internally

IAB Solution

  • Developed process to gather data points for thorough analysis & efficient review of all deductions (closed deduction review)
  • Identified deduction categories in specific areas (i.e. Logistics) where our client’s profitability was compromised (deduction management)
  • Assigned and managed our own analysts maximizing human capital and technology, seamlessly communicating issues to customers achieving optimum results for our client (deduction recovery services)

Measures of Success

In just 18 months, IAB significantly impacted the client’s bottom line by making closed deduction recoveries in excess of $8 million that had been charged off as uncollectible. IAB provided actionable reporting that identified specific quick fixes to prevent certain types of deductions.