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Our Strength

Since 1984, IAB has been serving the credit community as an Accounts Receivable and Deduction Management service provider. Our services generate cash to reduce your DSO, DDO and improve your bottom line. IAB delivers a revenue stream while providing valuable reporting and analysis to our Clients. Personalized services truly represent our goal of: PARTNERS. SOLUTIONS. RESULTS!

Transitional Support

IAB Solutions provides fully managed and trained A/R analysts both on-site and/or off-site depending on your specific needs. The fee structure at IAB Solutions is dynamic and tailored to your specific assignment. Fees are typically productivity based and dependent on age, size and type of portfolio assigned.


  • Manage change and transition in your department without negative consequences; such transitions may include:
    • Mergers / Acquisitions
    • ERP / Software Implementation
    • Consolidations
    • Realignments
  • Maintain consistent customer service to existing customers.
  • Avoid impact with ongoing credit & collections efforts.
  • Avoid utilizing temporary staff basis.


  • IAB provides a fully managed team to complement existing staff.
  • IAB adopts all protocols and standards of our client.
  • IAB handles all invoices and deductions related to the transition or as assigned.
  • IAB researches issues quickly, interfacing with appropriate systems, and establishes contact with the correct customer representative.
  • IAB documents all activity, reports on resolution and recovery results, as well as provides root cause analysis on a monthly basis.


  • Creation of a safety net and a reduction in burden for your financial services team.
  • Transitional activity is simplified.